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A Persona’s Impact: On Digital Advertising

The impact of a well-researched and fully developed buyer persona cannot be overstated. Making sure that every department — from product development to sales to marketing to customer service — knows the buyer inside and out is crucial to a company’s long-term success. When considering the significant investment that can come with digital advertising, it…


Digital Marketing – Build or Buy? Or Synergize?

Traditional marketing communication is complicated. Digital marketing is exponentially more complex. You know your integrated marketing program needs digital marketing to make your entire program more effective, but how do you structure your marketing team to get the digital marketing job done? Build an In-House Team or Hire a Digital Marketing Agency? There are pros…


E-Power Marketing Welcomes Laurie Zacharias

We are thrilled to welcome Laurie Zacharias to E-Power Marketing as the newest member of our online advertising team. With Bachelor’s degrees in both Communication and Information Technology, Laurie brings a plethora of digital marketing experience to our agency. Thus far in her career, she’s worn many digital marketing hats, including fine-tuning Google Ads and…