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A Look at Google Local Services Ads

If you’re a local and service area based business owner, you undoubtedly need to use different methods of advertising to generate leads. Billboards, direct mail, Facebook ads, etc…. all might work, however there’s one vertical from Google that performs really well: Google Local Services Ads. The post below is a breakdown of what this form…

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7 Must-Try Ideas for Local Advertising

Here at E/Power Marketing, we are passionate about helping local businesses succeed. Local businesses are an important part of the financial well-being of the communities they serve, help define a community identity, and are filled with creative, hard-working individuals. But we also recognize that local businesses are up against their own unique set of challenges.…

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The Basics Of Digital Metrics

The Basics of Digital Metrics

All too often, we hear that clients who have worked with other digital marketing agencies either don’t get digital marketing reports or, if they do, there is so much industry-specific jargon that they don’t really get value out of the reports. As a result, any reports they get are ignored or tossed to the side.…

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Free Listings with Google Shopping

If you have not already heard, Google made an exciting announcement earlier this week, by updating how Google Shopping results are determined. Since 2012, Google Shopping has operated as a paid advertising platform, but will soon be transitioned to mostly free listings! This is a great opportunity for businesses of all sizes to make online…

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Laurie Zacharias

E-Power Marketing Welcomes Laurie Zacharias

We are thrilled to welcome Laurie Zacharias to E-Power Marketing as the newest member of our online advertising team. With Bachelor’s degrees in both Communication and Information Technology, Laurie brings a plethora of digital marketing experience to our agency. Thus far in her career, she’s worn many digital marketing hats, including fine-tuning Google Ads and…

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