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Don’t Forget the Meta-Description Tag!

More often than you’d expect, we see Websites using the same meta-description for all pages on their Website. When meta-descriptions are utilized in Google and search engine result listings, they allow you to entice searchers to click through to your Website. Those 15 – 25 words can persuade Web users to visit your site instead…


Search Marketing Scams to Avoid

Effective search marketing is valuable for growing business. Done well, search marketing can be the most efficient and effective form of marketing available today. However search marketing is not well understood. This opens the door to a variety of scams. From reading my junk email and talking to search marketing sales people whom our clients…


Importance of Proper Re-directs

Search engines are highly sensitive to how you program re-directs of a URL or domain. You must program the re-directs in a search engine friendly way or face the loss of search visibility. This is especially important when you launch a new website with new URLs, have multiple domains pointing to the same website, or…