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Why Did My Organic Traffic Drop

Why Did My Organic Traffic Drop?

With the ever-changing search engine algorithms, ranking factors, personalization, machine learning, etc., keeping your organic search visibility high is a constant battle. And that’s not even taking into account the new SERP layouts! If you’ve included search engine optimization within your integrated marketing plan for any length of time, chances are, you’ve experienced a drop…

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E-Power Marketing turns 18 years old!

E-Power Marketing has officially become an adult! We are very proud of this big milestone our agency has reached. E-Power has been in business since July 1998 and we are honored to still practice the core fundamentals that we were founded on, while always growing with the fast-paced Online Marketing world! What have been some of the biggest changes…

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Technical SEO

Technical SEO Still Matters

As I sat on the plane on my way back from SMX Advanced in Seattle, reviewing my notes, organizing my key takeaways and preparing information to distribute to the team, I was beyond excited that it was obvious that some aspects of SEO, Technical SEO to be specific, still mattered. The Search Engine Optimization arena…

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SEO & Content Marketing: Till Death Do Us Part

The Online Marketing industry is constantly changing. Whether it’s an algorithm shift, a new Online Advertising offering, new buzz words, the list goes on. With constant change, confusion is always nearby. In the realm of SEO, Content Marketing (or Inbound) is creating confusion not only within the industry itself but also with clients. Why? Unfortunately…

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The E-Power Marketing Logo Gets a Facelift

Since 1998, E-Power Marketing has been providing businesses with the Online Marketing strategies and services they need to generate real results. Through the years, our team has grown, our offices have moved and our services have expanded. Recently, we decided it was time for our logo to get a little love as well. In an…

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