Focus on Brand Consistency
– Create Revenue Smiles

Are you ready to benefit from a Brand Consistency Plan? You’ll enjoy stronger customer perception and engagement – and that means more sales.

E-Power starts with mapping your customers’ path to purchase giving you insight into where and how to move more buyers to your brand. Our industry analysis will sharpen your brand’s sweet spot in the industry for you to own. Our communications recommendations will focus your marketing on a consistent brand tone + voice for messaging across channels, both online and offline. The results are numbers for you to brag about.

Here’s a Low-Risk Way to Discover the Value of a Marketing Partnership with E-Power!

E-Power will make it easy for you to see first-hand why we have loyal customers going back many years. If you have Buyer Personas, we will develop a Brand Consistency Plan for only $500 – a $1,500 value! If you don’t have personas, we offer Persona Development of two buyers plus the Brand Consistency Plan for $1,000 – a $2,500 value! How much easier can we make it for you?

What Your Brand Consistency Plan will include:

  • Buyer’s Journey Mapping
  • Your Brand’s Sweet Spot
  • Tone + Voice Recommendations
  • Integration+ Cohesiveness Consulting


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