If you’re not already using email marketing, now is the time.

How many times a day do you check your inbox? It’s probably just a habit at this point, right? Emails are a great way to stay top of mind, nurture people through the sales funnel, generate more sales or leads, and increase customer retention!  With email marketing, you’re in control of an owned list, making it more efficient to strengthen your brand and reach your target audience on your own terms. Email marketing has incredible potential for businesses, but when done wrong, will get your emails tossed quicker than a pack of cheese curds that don’t squeak.

Our digital marketing programs are structured so that we can be agile and productive. That means when we’re working for you, we have the flexibility to develop creative, engaging email blasts when the time is right, or use marketing automation to create ‘drip campaigns’, or automated email workflows, to send the right emails, at the right time, to your prospective customers. We love email marketing because it allows us to grow an owned list for our clients, then respectfully market to that audience throughout the funnel and reap the rewards.


email marketing

How We Help

Your customers are checking their email every day, probably more than once a day, because they rely on email to stay in touch, learn new things, and get great deals. You can and should be using email marketing to let your customers and prospective customers know about what’s new and what’s coming soon from your business!

A great email marketing strategy will drive awareness, engagement, and action, on your terms! Below, please find an overview of the types of results our clients most often see from our work, along with what we’re doing on our end to generate those results.

What You’ll

  • Increased Email Subscribers
  • Better Open Rates
  • Improved Click-thru-Rates
  • Increased Website Traffic
  • Quality Conversions
  • Improved Content Distribution & Reach
  • Increased Customer Loyalty

What You’ll

  • Email Content
  • Email Templates
  • CRM Growth & Optimization
  • Form Creation & Integration
  • Workflows & Automations
  • Chatbots
  • A/B Testing
  • Newsletters
  • Sales & Promotion Email Blasts

“Email marketing is one of my favorite tools for tying all of the other marketing initiatives together! The automation components available to businesses are unreal, and when set up well, can really streamline the marketing process to deliver leads and conversions!”

-Adrian Bredeson, Director of Inbound Marketing, E/Power Marketing

You deserve better.

E/Power Marketing has used marketing automation for our agency for years! We started as a HubSpot agency and made the switch to SharpSpring a few years ago. We love being able to put our experience to work for our clients, so they benefit from all the lessons we’ve learned along the way! While we love SharpSpring and all of the opportunities marketing automation provides to brands, we know that it’s not the perfect fit for every business. We’ve got a lot of experience with other top email marketing platforms, like MailChimp, Omnisend, Constant Contact, and others, because we believe in using the right tool for each client, not pushing them to choose the tool that works best for us.

Are you ready to work with email marketers who have your best interest at heart, and will be more invested in your results than their own bottom line? We’re ready for you!