Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t.

We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses through the years, and we know for certain there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to online success. Digital marketing exists in an environment of continual change. What worked last summer may not work today, and there are budget traps everywhere in the form of “next best thing” products and apps. There are also far too many agencies out there willing to sell those “next best thing” ideas, but not back those programs up with measurable results. That’s why we’ve completely restructured our digital marketing programs, contracts, and fees.

We don’t believe in long-term contracts, we believe our work should speak for itself. There are very few digital marketing agencies that have the experience and expertise we do, which is why there are so many agencies out there trying to lock you into long-term contracts, or who are so comfortable selling you products, services, and strategies you don’t need. We believe in a phased approach to client success with programs that are designed to scale. We’re proud of our fluid, agile approach to digital marketing programs that set our clients and our team up for success!

Crawl, Walk, Run

We understand your marketing budgets aren’t endless. You deserve a digital marketing program that will grow with you.

Benefit from our Experience

Understanding how to use different digital marketing channels and tactics with your target audience and business goals in mind is our specialty.

Never Passive

You’re not locked into static deliverables. We’ll do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t, so your results aren’t confined by your program.

Month-to-Month Contracts

You’ll never be locked into long-term commitments. You’ll want to stay because of our successes, not our contracts.

Static Revenue to Scaled Success

For one ecommerce client, we put our fluid approach right to work. We set the stage by cleaning up their website and product listings, implementing the right tracking so they could understand what what happening, and setting clear benchmarks for success. From there, we were able to put together a model demonstrating customer lifetime value that helped us work towards forecasting market demand and capitalizing on seasonality trends. We then were able to craft and scale the right ecommerce digital marketing mix to capitalize on demand. As we demonstrated our successes, we scaled the program to include social media, email, and marketing automation consulting services to help the team, which transitioned to all-in email support over the next few months to accommodate their needs! As with all clients, results were kept front and center on our live report dashboard allowing our team and the client to work towards hitting the goals set.

Set the Bar Higher

We helped generate:

  • 159% increase in website users
  • 224% increase in returning visitors
  • 133% increase in traffic from social media
  • 98% increase in total sales revenue
  • 122% increase in number of orders

Are you ready for a better digital marketing partner?

When you’re ready, so are we! Let’s get the ball rolling with a free consult so we can learn more about you, your business, and your budget. From there, we’ll put together the right mix of strategies, channels, and tactics to get started! E/Power Marketing is always setting the bar higher, so let’s get to work.