We love housewares & helping great brands grow.

For over 23 years, E/Power Marketing has provided online marketing services to clients across industries and has generated incredible successes. In 1999, we became the International Housewares Association’s trusted online marketing partner and our love for the home and housewares industry has only grown. What started as an SEO program has grown into a stronger, more integrated digital marketing partnership through the years.

Beyond our work as IHA’s digital marketing agency, we also support the association and IHA member brands by:

  • Staffing the Social Media & Digital Marketing Center at The Inspired Home Show (formerly the International Home + Housewares Show). We’ve been attending the Show since 2009, offering attendees free consultations with our team. Whatever online marketing questions you have, the IHA brings us to the Show to provide answers!
  • Sponsoring the annual CHESS event. Every October, the Chief Housewares Executive SuperSession is held, offering senior-level housewares industry leaders the chance to take part in keynotes, panel discussions, networking opportunities, and a great steak dinner!
  • Providing free webinars. We’ve had the opportunity to present on a variety of digital marketing topics through the IHA’s Webinar Wednesday series!
The Inspired Home Show

How We Help

Our commitment to seeing our clients win has never been stronger, and we have a unique set of skills and experiences that make us especially valuable to housewares brands! We’re on a mission to craft consumer-focused online marketing strategies that capture market demand, then drive consumers to where our clients sell, both online and in stores.

We’re Really Good
At What We Do…

  • Strategy and Planning
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Advertising
  • Media Buying
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation

Countdown to The Inspired Home Show 2022

2023/03/04 10:00:00

“The team has been quite valuable in helping IHA develop online marketing strategies and corresponding campaigns. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable, they also are dedicated to make sure that the marketing programs are successful. Their day-to-day oversight and execution allows us to refine and adapt to better meet our short, mid and long-term goals.”

-Derek Miller, President, International Housewares Association

We’re here to help!

You don’t have to wait until The Inspired Home Show to meet with our team, we’re ready to talk whenever you are. Claim your free digital marketing opportunity assessment today, or just set up a time to meet with our team!