Our work ethic is OLD SCHOOL and that’s exactly how we like it.

The hipster boutiques may have people riding around the office on bicycles and hosting keg parties in the conference room, but we have an attitude of work first, play later. We treat your money as if it were our own, providing total transparency, real-time reporting, and reliable account management. You’ll never wonder what we’re doing or if it’s working, and you’ll never be surprised by your bill. We’ve heard the horror stories of businesses that have been burned by other marketing vendors, and we’re here to help. We’ve been in business since 1998, and we’re proud of our reputation as an honest, respectful, and hard-working agency.

Our Process

Free Consult

First things first. We need to know more about you and your business. You’ll meet with our Vice President of Account Strategies, Justin Tadych to get things started. He’s the best at recognizing what’s holding a business back and where your biggest digital marketing opportunities lie. What are your goals? What’s your budget? How can E/Power Marketing be most helpful and effective for you?

Get a Plan in Place

With a better understanding of your business, goals, and resources, we’ll get started on a quote! Justin will relay all the insight from your initial consult so that our team can put together the right plan for your business. Once we’ve got the details in place, we’ll present our strategy to you.

Make the Magic Happen

We typically approach new client programs in two ways, we either create an intensive digital marketing plan or we can hit the ground running and launch an ongoing program from the start. When you need more guidance, our plans are the perfect solution. They are custom for every business, but typically include new marketing personas, brand tone + voice consulting, channel planning, website optimization recommendations, editorial calendars, social community plans, budget recommendations, and more. Our plans can be executed in-house by your team, or kick off ongoing work with ours. If you’ve already got a solid understanding of what you need and where you’d like to go, we can get right to work without the phase one planning!

Put our Old School Work Ethic to Work

With the foundational plans in place, the team at E/Power Marketing can get to work. We’ll benchmark results, get the right tools and tracking in place, then put our old school work ethic to work for your business! We don’t believe in long-term contracts, but we do believe in long-term results! We’ll work as hard for your business as you do, driving the sales, leads, and traffic you deserve.

Set the Bar Higher

When something isn’t working, we’ll do everything we can to make it work. And if it’s still not working, we’ll do something else. You’ll never be locked into a program that isn’t generating results and we’ll always do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Your business, your budget, and your results are our top priority.

Digital Marketers That Work As Hard For Your Business As You Do.

Since 1998, E/Power Marketing has been driven by our clients’ success. We’re always going the extra mile to ensure our clients are happy, our programs are performing, and our team is thriving. Are you ready to work with a marketing partner who’s as committed to your business as you are?