The hipster boutiques may have people riding around the office on bicycles and hosting keg parties in the conference room, but we have an attitude of work first/play later. We take pride in our consistent, methodical approach to understanding change and applying what we’ve learned to improve our methodology. Our work ethic is “old school”, and that’s exactly how we like it. We use that drive to deliver progress, innovation, and meaningful results for our clients.

Looking Back….

Welcome to Wisconsin

We like to joke that we’ve been at the forefront of digital marketing since you had to hang up the phone to get online. Back in 1998, Larry Stopa started E/Power Marketing in Chicago because he recognized that businesses needed help marketing online. He relocated to Oshkosh, WI in 2000 and the agency grew quickly, primarily through referrals from happy clients. Businesses across the country (and around the world) were getting great results thanks to the hard work of E/Power Marketing.

Moving Forward…

While we’ve loved working with clients across the country, and still have clients from coast-to-coast, we’ve seen too many businesses getting taken advantage of closer to home. Businesses right here in the Fox Cities, across Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest are getting overcharged, underserved, and sold services they didn’t need. That hasn’t sat well with us. Knowing we could help, we’ve realigned our focus to help you succeed. We’ve been working hard to make sure our agency is set up to be the best possible partner for businesses right here in the Midwest.

What Drives Us…

Heartland qualities have shaped our 20-plus years in business. They guide our hand in constructing and managing a digital program that is as successful and productive as you expect it to be. For more than two decades, E/Power has cultivated a reputation within the industry that is client-forward and results-first. We’ve succeeded this long because we’ve built upon the cornerstones of loyalty, kindness, perseverance, and attention to detail. We have a virtually unmatched historical knowledge of digital marketing and a work ethic dedicated to continual improvement. We’re invested in our clients and we want to invest in you.


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