Justin Tadych – Assistant Vice President, Online Marketing

Joining the team in 2004 as an intern, Justin has been a vital part of the E-Power Marketing team growing into a leader and strategic thinker. No longer an intern, Justin is Assistant VP, Online Marketing, focusing on online advertising strategies and services. Managing the ad team while also servicing accounts and helping move the agency forward, we can usually thank Justin for brewing the first pot of coffee every morning!

Priding himself on running the most effective and efficient ad programs possible, Justin focuses on maximizing Return On Investment while generating the best possible results for our clients’ online advertising programs. Whether your goal is branding, generating leads or achieving more sales, Justin can help create or revamp an integrated online advertising program to meet your goals.

As our resident thrill-seeker, Justin loves anything and everything active & adventurous. From camping in the snow and below freezing temps to sky diving, bungee jumping and hardcore obstacle races, he doesn’t shy away from a challenge! His motto is “buy the ticket, take the ride,” and he’ll try anything at least once. Justin loves anything outdoors and if you can’t find him in the office, try the back country!

Quick Facts
  • Hometown: Oshkosh, WI
  • College & major(s): University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh, Marketing
  • Joined E-Power: 2004
  • Words that best describe Justin: Driven, logical, inventive
  • Certifications: Google Advertising Professional, Google Analytics, Advanced Search Engine Strategies, HubSpot
  • First car? 1985 Saab SPG Turbo
  • Place to be in Oshkosh: Why the offices of E-Power Marketing of course… Or if you need a second favorite it would pretty much be any trail or back country road where I can pedal.
  • Coffee flavor: Wait, there’s flavored coffee?  Still prefer plain old black coffee, but when push comes to shove will drink any coffee when in need of caffeine.
  • Guilty pleasure: My wife would say my guilty pleasure is bikes. I would probably disagree. It’s well known that the equation for the number of bikes you need is N+1 (The number of bikes you currently own plus one more)
  • Happy hour beverage:  Central Waters Brewery HHG (Horseshoes & Hand Grenades). Or when push comes to shove will drink any beer when in need…

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