Laurie Zacharias
Laurie Zacharias – Digital Advertising Specialist

Laurie finds high satisfaction with the left brain-right brain interplay that benefits optimization of digital ad programs. Her left brain gives her command to analyze the data for optimal performance, while the creativity of advertising keeps her right brain stimulated.

“Advertising is what gets products and services in front of potential consumers,” she said. “I find it fascinating how different marketing channels are more effective for certain products and services than others. I enjoy the ‘Ah ha!’ feeling you get when finding that winning combination that drives results.”

With Bachelor’s degrees in both Communication and Information Technology, Laurie brings a plethora of digital marketing experience to our agency. Her experience spans digital marketing disciplines — fine-tuning pay-per-click programs, designing websites, search engine optimization, conducting online business reputation monitoring, and copywriting. On top of all that, she is certified in Google Ads, Google Analytics, Microsoft Advertising, and Hootsuite!

When she’s not doing her digital marketing magic, Laurie is working on getting herself and others in shape. She’s a certified fitness trainer and an avid runner with 16 marathons, one ultramarathon, and numerous smaller races under her belt. That passion for health and fitness has also translated to a passion for nutrition. She hopes to write a cookbook filled with healthy, but tasty, dessert recipes someday. We’re more than ready to be her taste testers!

When she does take time to kick back and relax, you’ll find her enjoying a gin and tonic and a spy movie with her boyfriend, Roger; and two canine fur babies, Bobo and Blue Boy.

Quick Facts
  • Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
  • College & major(s): University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee graduated with a BA (major: Communication) and BS (major: Information & Technology)
  • Joined E-Power: 2019
  • Secret Talents: I make a wicked low fat cheesecake
  • What’s the most interesting thing on your desk: A bag of stuffed animals that all have their eyes eaten off. My dogs don’t like to make eye contact with their toys
  • Certifications: Google Ads, Google Analytics, Hootsuite, Microsoft Advertising
  • Words that best describe you? Adventurous, adaptable and creative
  • Thing(s) to hoard: Kitchen appliances. Blenders, ice cream makers, espresso machines… you name it, I probably own it.
  • Starbucks order: Black coffee. I like to mix in my own extras
  • Social media accounts to follow: Tuna Melts My Heart and pretty much every dog Facebook page out there
  • TV Show(s) to Binge Watch: Kath & Kim, Absolutely Fabulous, The 100 and Ozark
  • Person to follow on social media: Nick Swardson
  • Adult field trip: Anywhere there’s an open body of water and a kayak launch
  • Cookie flavor: Almond cherry chocolate chip
  • Spotify playlist: Mostly Motown
  • Food: Veggie nachos

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