Hannah Lohrenz
920 230-2356
  • Hometown: Hortonville, WI
  • College & Major(s):
  • When did you join E/Power Marketing & what was your first job title? I joined E/Power Marketing in May 2021 as a Content and Social Media Marketing Intern. In June of 2022, I graduated and joined the team full-time as a Content Marketing Specialist!
  • Why did you want to join the E/Power team? I wanted to join the E/Power team because they genuinely care about their clients and the communities that they work with.
  • What was your first job?My first job was in my hometown at a small factory working as a machine operator packaging welding parts.
  • What’s your favorite family tradition? During the Thanksgiving weekend, I will go with my family to go Christmas tree hunting. We will look around trying to find the perfect tree and cut it down ourselves.
  • What part of your daily routine do you most look forward to every day?  I like getting outside and going for a run after work. It helps me to burn off any stress while also staying active.
  • What’s your favorite thing about the Fox Valley? I love how almost every business in the Fox Valley is willing to help each other. It’s such a tight-knit community where most people know of each other and are willing to lend a hand if it’s needed.
  • What’s the best Wisconsin tradition? Sporting events are always so fun. In Wisconsin, we always back up our teams and it makes going to games that much better.
  • Do you have any secret talents? I would say that I’m pretty good at cornhole and would be willing to challenge almost anyone to a game. I don’t use this talent very often, but at family events, it’s a lot of fun!
  • Favorite grown-up field trip? My family and I took a trip to Kentucky, Tennessee, and the Carolinas. We visited a horse race track where we were able to meet one of the prized horses out there. Ironically, the horse’s owner is from Green Bay, WI. When we went to the Carolinas, my dad wanted to see Petty’s Garage since he has kept up with Richard Petty since he was a kid. One of the most surreal moments was running into Richard Petty himself while we were there.
  • What’s one of your guilty pleasures? Perkins’ pie is delicious – their Chocolate French Silk pie has my heart.

Hannah earned All-America honors at the NCAA Championship while part of the UW-Oshkosh cross country team, and has always gone the extra mile for E/Power Marketing! Focusing her talents and time on our clients’ content marketing and email marketing programs, Hannah crafts engaging, purposeful content to drive results. Whether she’s researching a new topic for a blog post or designing the perfect email for a new campaign, Hannah cares about her work and it shows.

When she’s not writing, Hannah is probably out for a run or reading a good book, go ahead and ask her for a recommendation! She’s got an impressive green thumb and a soft spot for watermelon Sour Patch kids. We’re lucky to have Hannah on the team!

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