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Agency Profile:

E/Power Marketing is an integrated online marketing agency based out of Oshkosh, WI that has been helping businesses succeed since 1998. We love working with forward-thinking, results-focused businesses ready to see continual growth, progress, and real-world results. Our client roster has been incredibly diverse through the years, we’ve worked with everyone from international non-profits to local businesses, big-city law firms, and hotels to family-owned shops and manufacturers. We are currently looking for a new team member with experience in search engine optimization, preferably in an agency setting. This is a full-time position with the option to work in the office, from home, or a mix of both depending on your location and preferences!


If you’re an experienced SEO professional looking for your next big move, this is it. You’ll need to be energetic, self-motivated, detail-oriented and ready to hit the ground running. We’re looking for someone who understands what it takes for a website to be successful in today’s competitive search landscape and is willing to roll up their sleeves to make it happen. If you’re looking for a team that will appreciate your love for all things SEO, analytical, and technical, we want to talk!

Job Description:

SEO is where E-Power started back in 1998, but we’re looking for a fresh perspective to join us now, and help refine our best practices, processes, and procedures, research and test new strategies, and deliver the absolute best results for our clients. You’ll grow as a digital marketing professional, delivering innovative, effective search engine optimization solutions in a supportive team setting. You will work with the E/Power team to continually improve our agency’s marketing programs and generate better results for all of E/Power’s clients with room to grow.

What the job entails…

  • Capture and process external/client marketing visions then design and execute SEO strategies that deliver.
  • Develop a data-driven approach to audit, prioritize, set up, manage, test, evaluate, and optimize SEO campaigns to deliver results for local, regional, and national campaigns.
  • Collaborate with team members, clients, and partners to improve site performance, including the optimization of landing pages, identifying site speed and mobile-friendliness issues, improving overall user experience, and driving traffic and revenue growth.
  • Compile keyword research and design strategies to improve product and content page traffic for clients with their competitive landscape in mind.
  • Design and execute link-building strategies to increase site traffic.
  • Manage website quality for our clients to ensure all pages, forms, tracking codes, and on-page media are optimized for optimal results.
  • Research audience preferences, search behaviors and discover current SEO trends and updates.
  • Recommend new ways to attract and convert our clients’ target audiences.
  • Coordinate with co-workers, clients, and partner agencies to use SEO in a cohesive and integrated way.
  • Strategize new programs and assist with proposal development for new business prospects.
  • Continually expand and grow current client accounts.



Be an energetic and creative SEO expert ready to dig into the details, think analytically, strategize actions, meet deadlines, and celebrate when you make success happen.

  • Experience with and expert knowledge of both technical and content SEO concepts, tools, research, analysis, reporting, and execution.
  • You’ll be using a lot of different programs and technologies, such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, MOZ, Screaming Frog, and HotJar. Please tell us about your experience with any of these systems.
  • You must live within 200 miles of Oshkosh, WI.
  • Minimum of 3 years of search engine optimization experience.
  • Strong analytical and technical skills.
  • Agency experience preferred.
  • Detail-oriented and ready to learn with a firm grasp on time management and the ability to work in a diverse, hard-working team. We love to have fun and laugh together but we’re proud of our old-school work ethics.
  • This job is remote, but we get together regularly. You must be able to day trip to Oshkosh, WI on a consistent basis.

Give Us Some Good Reasons to Hire You:

  • Show off your past SEO successes or let us know what you’ll be bringing to the table for our clients. Get us excited about your style of SEO!
  • Online marketing certifications such as Google Analytics.
  • College degree is helpful, but not required. Your ability to continually improve your digital marketing skills is what matters. Tell us why you will manage our clients’ digital marketing programs with the care needed for success.

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