Lexie Buhrandt
  • Hometown: Green Bay, WI
  • College & Major(s):
  • When did you join E/Power Marketing & what was your first job title? I joined in May of 2021 as a content and social media marketing intern, then in June of 2022, I upgraded to full-time as an SEO Specialist!
  • Why did you want to join the E/Power team? I wanted to gain more knowledge and experience in digital marketing and I loved that E/Power was a small company. Each and every person at E/Power is very knowledgeable and well-rounded in their position and I have learned so much from everyone!
  • What was your first job? Front desk attendant at a public pool in my hometown!
  • What part of your daily routine do you most look forward to every day? Hopping into bed and watching a couple of episodes of New Girl, especially after a long day!
  • Where is your favorite Wisconsin getaway? Anywhere up north! Lakewood is my go-to getaway.
  • What’s your favorite thing about the Fox Valley? The Oshkosh Outlet Mall & Fox River Mall.
  • What’s your go-to happy hour order? I love a good strawberry margarita.
  • What’s one of your guilty pleasures? Binge-watching any reality tv show – The Bachelor of course is a classic!
  • Do you have a favorite charity?  The non-profit Alzheimer’s Association is an organization that is close to my heart and is a non-profit that I wish to be part of in some type of way in the future.
  • What’s the best concert you’ve been to? Kenny Chesney at Miller Park with Thomas Rhett and Old Dominion
  • What’s your go-to productivity trick? Turn on some country music! I can get anything done when I’m listening to music.
  • Are you an early bird or a night owl? Definitely an early bird. I am more productive when I wake up early!

As an intern at E/Power, Lexie worked on projects for all of our Inbound Marketing specialty areas and chose to focus on SEO after she graduated. She loves SEO because she gets to be as analytical and investigative as possible, but she also gets to tap into her creative, imaginative side to really get the job done well! She loves to spark organic traffic growth and capture top search rankings for our clients, but also works hard to convert that traffic to really meet our client’s goals and business needs.

When she’s not at work, Lexie is soaking up the sun whenever she can. She loves to be outdoors hiking, fishing, kayaking, boating/water skiing, and just going for walks! Her go-to drink is an Iced Chai Tea latte and we keep Starbursts on hand (the pink & red ones, of course) just for her!

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