Buyer Persona Development

With our buyer persona development resources, you will know exactly who you’re marketing to so you know how to speak directly to your ideal audience. You will discover that with buyer personas you will talk more effectively to your buyers and sell more products.

Is Your Marketing Strategy Good, or Just Good Enough?

It can be hard to recognize your marketing program’s shortcomings, and even harder to determine if your current online marketing strategy is good, or just good enough. But it’s what your business deserves.

How To Choose the Right Online Marketing Agency

You deserve a partner that will make your job easier and business more successful.

6 Marketing Metrics That Actually Matter To Your Boss

Prove the ROI of your marketing efforts by presenting these six metrics to your boss!

The Cost of Not Keeping Your SEO Strategies Up to Date

If you’re not investing in an ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) program, you’re missing out. Download this free e-book for more information on the damage you may be doing to your brand and how you can increase your visibility online.

5 Ways to Make Your Google Analytics Data More Powerful

How is your brand driving online marketing decision making? Google Analytics is a reliable, data-driven tool that will help make a positive impact on your business. Discover how you can make this platform even more powerful with our white paper!

How Much Money Are You Wasting On A Poorly Managed Online Advertising Program?

Poorly managed online advertising accounts can cost brands big money. Discover how much spend you are wasting online and how to fix it by downloading our white paper!

7 SEO Mistakes to Avoid When Doing a Website Redesign

Improving the aesthetics of your brand’s website has countless benefits. Don’t let a new look hurt your SEO by downloading our white paper to see what detrimental mistakes to avoid while doing your redesign!

Creating a Mobile Marketing Strategy for Your Brand

Consumers are shifting to mobile at an increasing rate to make purchases, research products, and more. Is your brand capturing this powerful audience? Learn how you can create a mobile marketing strategy that works with our white paper!

The Content Marketing Stats That Will Leave You Impressed

Content marketing should be an integral part of any online marketing program. Discover the statistics that will leave you impressed with this digital strategy through our powerful infographic!

Integrating Online & Offline Marketing

Have you integrated your online and offline marketing efforts effectively? Without a cohesive marketing strategy, your brand will never generate the results you truly deserve. Learn more about how and why this integration is so important in this free e-book.

Content Marketing Blueprint

You know how important it is to tell your brand’s story to attract, engage and convert your target audience, but are you going about it in the most effective way possible? The team at E-Power Marketing has the insight you need to develop the strategy your brand truly deserves.

PPC Program Being Mismanaged?

Are you working with another online advertising company, or running a PPC program in house, but not quite sure if you’re getting the results you deserve? Let our experienced team show you how to determine if your online advertising budget is being used to its fullest potential.

5 Tips for Working with Your Web Team More Effectively

Bridging the gap between your marketing and web teams effectively can be a challenging task that can cause projects to be put on hold and add conflict to the organization. Check out these tips to help streamline the process for all involved.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Are you sure your website is mobile-friendly? If it’s not, you could be missing out on key opportunities to attract, engage, convert and delight your target audience when they are searching for your products, services or brand on their smart phones. Make sure your online presence is optimized for today’s mobile world.