51% Increase

in average order value!

54% Increase

in overall revenue!

81% Increase

in traffic from social media!

55% Increase

in repeat visits!

year-over-year results


In 2001, LinerWorld, an e-commerce company selling pool liners and pool accessories, joined forces with E/Power Marketing for digital marketing help. At the time, they were looking to increase their website traffic, launch a social presence, establish a long-term e-commerce strategy, and boost their overall brand awareness. The world of digital marketing was different back in 2001, but we hit the ground running to build a solid digital foundation!


Generating ongoing results and continued improvements for over 20 years is no small feat, especially for an e-commerce client in a competitive industry impacted by seasonality! Over the years we’ve continued to rely on aggressive SEO to keep LinerWorld ahead of the pack. To build upon our organic successes, we’ve implemented content marketing initiatives, digital advertising strategies across diverse channels, social media management, and email marketing campaigns as well! Our fluid digital marketing programs allow us to seamlessly adjust our work to LinerWorld’s needs so that we’re always focused on generating more sales, more traffic, and better results.

When COVID-19 hit in 2020, demand skyrocketed like never before as people sought family-friendly activities to enjoy in their own backyards. Thanks to the solid digital presence we’d already established for LinerWorld and our fluid approach, we were ready to respond to the demand with thoughtfully crafted marketing campaigns that put LinerWorld front and center when people were ready to buy.

253% Increase

in traffic from email marketing!

39% Increase

in conversion rate from SEO!

75% Decrease

in bounce rate!

year-over-year results


For 20 years, we’ve successfully helped LinerWorld sell more products, reach a larger audience while building customer loyalty, and grow their brand awareness. Our agile approach to digital marketing makes it easy for the team at LinerWorld to lean on us as needed, to drive consistent returns and revenue growth!

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