$50,000+ Raised

in just 6 weeks!

22,000 Sessions

to a brand new website!

2709% Return on Ad Spend

for every $1 spent on ads, we generated $27+ in donations!

12,000+ Engagements

from engaged community members & supporters!


A few years ago, E/Power Marketing made a commitment to becoming a more active, involved part of the community that we have called home for over 20 years. This started with us actively answering the calls of area businesses who felt they had been getting taken advantage of; overcharged, underserved, and sold services they didn’t need when it came to digital marketing. Those businesses deserved better. We’ve spent the better part of 2020 fulfilling that promise in helping local businesses dominate in digital marketing. As an agency, we wanted to be an even bigger part of this community. We just needed the right opportunity where we could utilize our digital marketing talents to make an impact.

With word spreading about our local efforts, that opportunity soon came in the form of a fundraiser. Community leaders and Oshkosh Kiwanis members approached E/Power Marketing with a simple idea. They wanted to provide a fun distraction that also gave back in the form of a fundraiser, and they wanted to know if and how E/Power could help.

The team knew immediately that we could make an impact. The rise of digital throughout the pandemic, along with our unique talents and passion for helping our community primed us for this philanthropic opportunity and we went all in!


As with every project E/Power Marketing takes on, we met as a team to decide how we could make the biggest impact for the NEW Top Dog 2021 fundraiser. We decided on an aggressive, integrated digital marketing strategy that would include Facebook, Instagram, influencer outreach, live social event support, content marketing, SEO, email marketing, and social advertising. Throughout the contest, we met frequently to keep our approach fresh and strategy innovative. As the content picked up steam we worked closely with community members, traditional marketing and advertising partners, and contest participants to make the biggest impact possible!

60% of Votes

generated through Facebook!

258% Fan Growth

on Instagram!

$20,000+ Donations

generated by social advertising!

43% Open Rate

on Email Marketing campaigns!


NEW TOP Dog 2020 was born with the initial goal of raising $15,000 for the Oshkosh Area Humane Society and Mid-Morning Kiwanis Club of Oshkosh.

The only thing we love more than hitting goals is exceeding them! So, in true form, the team at E/Power Marketing took the challenge of raising $15,000 and then immediately set our own internal goal of doubling that and raising $30,000 for the community.

By contest end, we are so proud to announce that the contest raised over $50,000 and our digital marketing initiatives played a huge role in the success of the fundraiser!

We truly enjoyed our role in supporting the NEW Top Dog 2021 fundraiser and supporting our community by using our time & digital marketing talents! 2020 has been extremely fulfilling for the agency, and we are always on the lookout for new projects and causes we can support!

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