3,450+ Service Calls

from digital marketing in 2020!

4 Consecutive Years

of double-digit SEO growth!

685% Increase

in phone calls from content marketing!

118% Increase

in call conversions from social!

year-over-year results


Back in 2014, Watters Plumbing came to E/Power Marketing looking for help understanding the value they were getting with their traditional marketing efforts and how they could transition to a more dedicated digital approach to marketing. Watters Plumbing felt that their existing agency had gotten too comfortable with how things were going, and had quit pushing for continuous improvements, so they were looking for a new partner they could trust.


To address value and complacency, E/Power Marketing started Watters off with an aggressive phased approach, beginning with addressing the foundational parameters of marketing that hadn’t been set by their other agency. We created a Brand Consistency Plan while we got the right tracking in place for Watters. We also worked with the client to establish initial benchmarks and goals for their different service divisions. These fundamental steps have allowed us to keep our focus on Watters’ ideal customers within the target regions. We use SEO, digital advertising, social media, and content marketing to reach the right prospects at the right time, no matter where they are in their buying journey. Our focus has translated into more prospects becoming Watters Plumbing customers.

28% Increase

in website sessions!

32% More Traffic

from target locations!

60% Increase

in visitors from Google Search!

38% Increase

in goal completions!

year-over-year results


We put in the work to develop a thorough understanding of goals, objectives, and audience so we know when and how we should be speaking to those prospects. We also take the time to get solid analytics and benchmarks in place, so that we can not only make data-driven decisions for the program but also show the team at Watters exactly how and where our hard work is paying off! Laying the foundation and using our innovative and fluid approach has not only allowed us to generate scalable and cost-effective leads year after but to become the trusted partner that Watters Plumbing was looking for!

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“E-Power’s dedicated team provides a solid network of optimization analysts. Their experience and wisdom has provided my company with practical solutions to boost revenue…by propelling my business from out of the pack to the top of the leading search engines. Honesty, straightforwardness, and consistency … pretty good qualities to have in a partner like E/Power Marketing.”

Dave Phelps, President, LinerWorld