Attracting the right visitors, engaging with them in meaningful ways, converting them into leads or sales and then delighting your customers so that they spread the word is a strategy for success. Pretty straightforward, right? When we take a step back and think about business in those four steps, it
automotiveads.gif all makes sense. Achieving that can be a challenge.

Consumers are smarter and more in control of the buying process than ever before. Brands can’t rely on only sharing the information they want to provide, they have to supply the information the consumer wants. That means that TV ads promoting sales, billboards and traditional marketing techniques can’t be your only marketing strategies. When a consumer is researching a purchase from their smart phone at 11:00 at night, are they going to wait until your commercial comes on? Are they going to get out of bed to go find your billboard? No, they’re going to go online and search for the products, services and reviews they need to make a decision.

The concept of inbound marketing was born when brands started to pay attention to the wants and needs of the consumers. Brands committed to these strategies continue to see high returns on investment and long term results.



Our approach to inbound marketing

SharpSpring Certified Marketing AutomationWe move your target audiences through the buying cycle to generate better results for your brand. That means we take the time to first understand your business and goals, then focus on your customers. What does their buying journey look like? What questions are they asking along the way? What information do they need before making a decision?

There are no one size fits all strategies or cookie cutter programs from E-Power Marketing. We take the best of what’s working for other accounts, customize fresh and creative tactics for new clients and spend our time generating results.

Marketing practices and techniques have changed, but the goal of a successful marketing campaign hasn’t. There are new ways to reach your target audience and better metrics than ever before to make sure your marketing plan meets your goals, and our team is committed to doing just that for all of our clients.



It’s all about the integration

We’re not saying there’s no place for traditional or outbound advertising methodologies. In fact, we have some of the best online advertising specialists in the industry on our team! We believe in setting the stage with inbound practices, then maximizing our clients’ exposure with the right mix of outbound tactics. We may develop a great piece of content for a client, then use social, search and offline advertising to promote it for maximum reach and results.

We understand how people are shopping today, and what an incredible role the internet has had on the evolution of consumers. We’ll put together the right mix of inbound and outbound digital marketing strategies to generate the results your brand deserves!

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